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Preventative care

April 23, 2019

Preventative chiropractic care: What are the benefits? It is well-known that chiropractic care can help to provide relief for those struggling with back pain, neck pain and/or sciatica. Typically, people will wait until they become injured or are experiencing a significant amount of physical pain, before they seek chiropractic treatment. Yet in an increasingly ageing […]

Privacy Notice for Patients – Children & Adults How we use your personal information This notice tells you why Teignmouth Chiropractic Clinic collects information about you and/or your child and how this information may be used. The health care professionals, who provide your care, maintain records about your health and any treatment or care you […]

The Benefits of standing up straight. 1.Reduces back pain. Proper posture reduces back and neck pain. When you slouch, this can strain the back and neck muscles while putting stress on the spine. This can create spinal misalignments and even constrict blood vessels and nerves. Those who suffer from back pain often experience pain relief […]

    Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth and to celebrate Mothers Day the Teignmouth Chiropractic is highlighting the benefits of chiropractic for all mums, whatever their age. Modern mums have become much more knowledgeable in diet, nutrition, exercise, sports and physical activity and are turning to Chiropractic to help […]

February is national heart month, with many organisations such as the British Heart Foundation trying to raise awareness in preventing heart disease. So what is a healthy heart? And how can I get one? Well the majority of us are all born with a healthy heart. The heart functions via a little node that tells […]

Over recent years our understanding of spinal stability has evolved considerably. Notions of static misalignment, or simple muscle weakness, have gradually changed to incorporate newer evidence about the role of dynamic control, and how these might go awry. We have seen in our clinic that many of our patients are likely suffering from deficits in sensorimotor control. In […]

The month of November has been dedicated to raising much needed funds for men’s health and mental health. So, at Teignmouth Chiropractic we’ve decided to link up with the team at Movember and Dr. Wesley will be (attempting) to grow a moustache and chat about preventative health through Chiropractic. Please be nice to him in […]

October the 12th is World Arthritis Day, so we thought we would highlight some  facts about what arthritis is, who it effects, why it develops and how Chiropractic may help.