Preventative care

23rd April 2019

It is well-known that chiropractic care can help to provide relief for those struggling with back pain, neck pain and/or sciatica. Typically, people will wait until they become injured or are experiencing a significant amount of physical pain, before they seek chiropractic treatment.
Yet in an increasingly ageing population, back pain is now a major contributor to the decrease of movement and physical activity in our later years. So how can chiropractic care ease this transition into later life and ensure optimum movement, health and wellbeing?

Preventative and effective chiropractic care

Our spines are delicate yet important central structures designed to support the human body and allow for physical movement and functionality. Preventative chiropractic care, alongside regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, will help to maintain the strength of your spine for future years.

By ensuring correct spinal function, you can better protect against potential back injury and increase the capacity of your body to heal itself naturally. There are many benefits to preventative chiropractic care, that will improve your overall general health and wellbeing both now, and in the future. These include:

1. Better posture – Over time, and largely as a result of sedentary lifestyles, our postures and spines can become damaged. Taking a little time to engage in regular exercise and chiropractic care can do wonders to help align curving or tilting in your spine and improve your overall body posture.

2. Stress relief – When your nervous system is maladjusted and your spine isn’t moving correctly, it is likely that your body will not feel 100%. For many people, this can cause both mental and/or physical stress. The right chiropractic treatment will balance your body and provide much-needed stress relief, whilst restoring you back to your better, more active self.

3. Improved movement – As chiropractic care can lessen tension in your spine and allow the nerves to fire more effectively, you could benefit from an improved sense of motion and an increase in energy. When your body no longer has to fight against constant aches and pains, it will better support movement and physical activity.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

Alongside chiropractic treatment, an active and healthy lifestyle will help to maintain your spinal health and decrease the likelihood of excessive pressure and strain and resulting in injury. Adopting a balanced diet that is nutrient and vitamin-rich will also contribute to a wholesome lifestyle. Regular exercise, whether in the form of walking, swimming, yoga or any other sport for that matter, will be beneficial for your body, spine and mind.
Physical movement that is measured, controlled and prepared for properly, has also been proven to help with rehabilitation following an injury. When exercising, you should always remember the importance of stretching and conducting a proper warm-up, as this will lessen the chances of overexertion and sport-related injuries.