I certainly would recommend you, without hesitation

October 11, 2014

Over the last fifteen years my lack of mobility and lower back pain had increased to the point where I loathed the thought of going out each day. Whether I was walking or sitting, I was in pain to the point where I started to avoid any social events, even with family.

I had previously loved gardening, dancing, walking my little Yorky and shopping with my friends and daughter, but all these activities only increased my discomfort and one by one I had to stop doing the things I lived most.

I was taking pain killers, but eventually they really were not having any effect. My Tens machine was turned up to the limit, but that only masked the pain temporarily. Hospital visits were not a success and I really had a convinced myself of a future of limited mobility and increased pain and frankly of being a bit of a recluse because I really wasn’t very good company.

When my daughter told me I was going to be a Gran, it really hit home that I would miss out on taking on an active part of my little Grandson’s life, so I decided to take control of finding a way to make myself more mobile and at the same time hopefully help reduce the pain.

I was online doing a little bit of research when I came across your clinic, so I decided I would give Chiropractors a try.

That was a lucky day for me!

From the outset you made me feel comfortable, your examination, diagnosis and recommendations were explained fully, showing me exactly where I was in pain.

On my first adjustment, I was wondering what would happen, and was pleasantly surprised that the treatment is not in the least uncomfortable or painful. When I went home, as recommended, I just took things easy, and it suddenly struck me that I was feeling “different”………..My lower back pain had gone………..and has stayed away.

I have continued with my treatment and my mobility is definitely increasing. My friends and family have noticed not just the physical improvements but I am back to my old self, I’m happier, I smile more, I’m walking straighter, I’ve done a little gardening and I am enjoying looking after my little Grandson.

Thank you so much Wesley for giving me back my life, I certainly would recommend you, without hesitation, to friends, family or to any one in pain.

Marion, 68