9 benefits of standing up straight!

21st July 2017

The Benefits of standing up straight.

1.Reduces back pain.

Proper posture reduces back and neck pain. When you slouch, this can strain the back and neck muscles while putting stress on the spine. This can create spinal misalignments and even constrict blood vessels and nerves.

Those who suffer from back pain often experience pain relief when they correct their posture.

2.Look and feel more confident.

When you sit or stand up straight, it helps you look taller, thinner, and more successful. A study done by the Ohio State University found that people with good posture demonstrated more confidence than those who slouched. This outward confidence translated to more confidence in their thoughts as well!

3.Burn more calories.

Did you know that you can actually burn up to 350 more calories a day just by practicing perfect posture? How? By carrying yourself better, you take tension off the entire body and the entire body works and flows better!

4.Build a stronger core.

When you sit up straight and have correct posture, you extend your back and allow for a neutral spine. A neutral spine allows the pelvis to position itself in such a way that the core muscles work better.

5.Breathe better.

An upright and proper posture opens up the airways in the lungs and helps ensure proper breathing. This means that more oxygen is able to flow throughout the body. This flow of oxygen helps the entire nervous system, organs, and other tissues throughout the body function more effectively.

6.Improve your memory and brain function.

Indiana University conducted a study focused on the link between words, memories, and posture. They found that babies’ learning abilities are affected by their posture. When they had upright and correct posture, they were better able to map new experiences and recall things.

7.Boost your mood.

Dr. Erik Peper, an internationally known expert on biofeedback and holistic health, carried out several experiments on how posture impacts energy level and the mind’s ability to generate positive and negative thoughts.

8. Reduce stress.

Stress and poor posture have a reciprocal relationship. Stress causes poor posture, and poor posture causes stress. Recent studies found that assuming correct posture when stressed can actually improve self-esteem and improve your mood. Try sitting up straight as a simple trick to reduce your stress levels!

9.Increase productivity.

Having good posture is actually linked to increased productivity. It makes you more alert, improves concentration, and increases focus. Studies show that when you slouch, your body takes in 30% less oxygen than it can take in with good posture. This means that when you slouch, your body is expending more energy just to keep up!

How To Improve Your Posture

When sitting- 

Use a chair with firm lower back support

Keep your desk elbow high by adjusting your chair

Sit with your knees slightly lower than your hips

Get up and take breaks to walk around at least once an hour

Do not sit on your wallet

When working on a computer-

Take a one minute break for every 20 minutes of work in front of a screen

Position the screen so that it is 15 degrees below eye level

When sitting in a car-

Adjust the seat so that you sit with your knees slightly lower than your hips

Place a small pillow in the small of your lower back

When sleeping-

Sleep on your side with your head supported by a pillow and your neck in a neutral position and sleep with your knees bent and a pillow placed between them to reduce spinal stress

Sleep on your back, making sure your pillow allows your neck to be in line with your spine

When lifting-

Lift with your legs instead of your back

Stand close to the object you’re lifting and lift from a squat position

Never twist or lift from the waist

Final tip- Play the balloon game!

Imagine that you have a helium balloon on a piece of string and that piece of string is attached to your sternum (Front of your chest) pulling your chest gently upward and in the process lowering your shoulders. See how much better your posture is just by applying the simple and effortless rule.

Now, as a bit of fun, whenever you see a family or friend with a slumped and poor posture you can just ask fun questions about their balloon rather than nagging them. Replace “Tom, sit up straight!!” with “Hi Tom, what colour balloon have you got today?” or switch “Your posture is terrible again Jenny!!” with “What shape balloon have you got today Jenny?” Give it a go, it’s a bit of fun and is much nicer than being nagged. Now blow up those balloons and have a great day!